Pacsun Appoints Brie Olson as CEO

Pacsun, the popular fashion retailer, has announced the appointment of Brie Olson as its new CEO.

The announcement comes as Mike Relich, the current co-CEO, retires from his position.

Brie Olson, who previously served as Pacsun’s president and board member since May 2021, was appointed as co-CEO alongside Relich earlier this year.

As part of the executive changes, Russell Bowers has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer while retaining his position as Chief Financial Officer.

Brie Olson has been with Pacsun since 2006 and has played a vital role in the company’s brand strategy, including collaborations and expansions.

With her new role as CEO, Olson is excited to lead Pacsun in its mission to provide the best brands and innovative collaborations to its passionate young audience worldwide.

Mike Relich will continue to serve on Pacsun’s board of directors as the Vice Chairman, expressing his confidence in Olson’s leadership and the company’s bright future..

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