The Unbuttoned Pants Trend: A Nostalgic Comeback of Laid-back Fashion

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The unbuttoned pants trend is back and it seems plenty of designers, stars, and TikTok users want in this time around.

The style trends of 2022 so far have included plenty of throwbacks, from the skirt-over-pants trend to the return of cargo pants.

Yet another trend that has recently resurfaced from the past few decades is the laid-back unbuttoned pants look that’s been seen everywhere from it-girls to runways since the ’90s, standing the test of time.

Any talk of ’90s fashion and pop culture would be incomplete without a mention of the princess of R&B.

Aaliyah was one of the first to rock the trend with a pair of baggy pants and a loosened belt, which was one of her many signature styles.

The easygoing vibes of the trend continued into the 2000s as low-rise waistlines took over the scene for a majority of that decade, but seemed to disappear after high-waisted-everything became a standard for pants and swimsuits throughout the 2010s.

As everything old becomes new once again, waistlines have begun to dip and the recent return of Y2K trends in fashion has brought back the undone trend.

We first saw the resurfacing of the trend back in 2018, when supermodel Kendall Jenner was seen rocking a pair of baggy white jeans with the button undone and rolled down, showing off the bikini bottom she was wearing underneath.

That season, exposed hips were also seen all over the runways thanks to brands like Fenty, Tom Ford, and beyond.

Unbuttoned pants also made an appearance on the runway in 2020, and were seen in Jacquemus’ Fall 2020 ready-to-wear line, showcasing that the look doesn’t require a low-rise pant to be achieved.

Models wore high-waisted matching sets and jumpsuits underneath a pair of undone mid-rise pants.

Recently, more and more celebrities have been seen sporting the trend.

In a behind-the-scenes vlog for her recent campaign with Korean cosmetics brand Tamburins, BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim was spotted rocking a pair of pants with the waist flipped.

This is another popular style of undone pants among celebrities and TikTokers alike, with others including Madison Beer and Bella Hadid also wearing the look..

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