The Best Pants for Men with Muscular Thighs

If you’re fortunate enough to have a muscular or athletic build, finding pants that fit properly can be a challenge.

Traditional pants are often too narrow for muscular thighs, leaving you with limited options.

However, there are stylish and comfortable pants available for men with muscular thighs.

One approach to finding the perfect fit is to look for pants and denim labeled ‘athletic fit’.

These styles are designed to have more room in the seat and thigh, while still maintaining a slim, modern profile through the leg.

Another option is to go for relaxed fit pants, which provide a roomier feel without sacrificing style.

Here are some of our favorite options for jeans and pants that are best suited for men with muscular thighs:


DU/ER Relaxed Stay Dry Denim: These Vancouver brand jeans are made with a mix of cotton, Coolmax polyester, and Lycra spandex, providing both durability and water resistance.

The added stretch material ensures a comfortable fit for all-day wear.


Everlane Uniform Athletic 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean: Made with organic cotton and a four-way stretch fabric, these jeans from Everlane are wash-tested 50 times for maximum durability.

With three different washes to choose from, they offer versatility for any occasion.


Madewell Athletic Slim Authentic Flex Jeans: This denim style from Madewell features a dark wash, which is a rarity in athletic cuts.

With their expanding men’s collection, Madewell offers a range of jeans that cater to men with athletic builds.

Whether you prefer athletic fit denim or relaxed pants, these options are sure to provide a flattering fit for men with muscular thighs.

Don’t let your muscular build limit your wardrobe choices – embrace your physique and dress in style..

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