The Best NBA Playoff Outfits (So Far)

Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, you can’t ignore the style credentials of NBA players.

With the playoffs in full swing, it’s time to round up the best outfits so far.

NBA players, like rappers, live extravagant lifestyles and often showcase several luxury brands in their outfits.

Some outfits stand out while others fall short.

But before we dive in, let’s give an honorable mention to Kyrie Irving, the best-dressed player who didn’t make the playoffs this year.

Now, let’s take a look at the best playoff outfits from James Harden to the ‘GOAT’ himself.

Devin Booker:
Booker exudes a relaxed fashion sense and radiates an energy of chill and confidence.

His neon jacket moment is reminiscent of a popular Acne Studios item.

He pairs it with a white top and blue pants to make it the focal point of his outfit.

Jarred Vanderbilt:
Vanderbilt channels barbiecore vibes with his pink outfit, featuring shiny pink Rick Owens pants and a fluffy pink bucket hat.

He keeps the rest of his look simple with a white tank top.

James Harden:
Harden is known for his bold choices with fashion.

He wears an extra-cozy and fluffy matching set from Marni, complete with wide-leg pants.

Evan Fournier:
Fournier breaks away from bright colors and unconventional fabrics, demonstrating that simplicity can still make a statement.

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