Zara Launches New Collection ‘Zepeto’ in the Metaverse

Zara, the renowned fashion brand, is making a strong comeback in the metaverse with its new collection called ‘Zepeto’.

Building upon its previous successful ventures, Zara has been actively exploring the possibilities of the digital realm.

The brand has collaborated with Ader Error and released collections such as ‘Lime Glam’, ‘Y2K Creatures’, and ‘ValentineMagic’.

This time, Zara presents a unique blend of physical and digital garments in its ‘Zepeto’ collection.

Taking inspiration from the beauty of nature and the arrival of spring, the ‘Zepeto’ collection tells a captivating digital story.

Embracing a ‘phigital’ style, Zara offers six denim garments, four tops adorned with the collection’s iconography, two bags, two models of sandals, and two beauty products – a gloss and a lip balm.

All these products will be available for sale on Zara’s official website.

In addition to the physical line, Zara has also created a set of six avatars for the digital realm.

These avatars are designed with fantasy influences and spring elements like flowers and butterflies, incorporating modern details like bows and piercings.

The collection includes a range of denim garments, which will be available in both physical and digital formats.

Furthermore, the ‘Zepeto’ collection offers sandals with socks, wings, and fantasy glasses specifically designed for the Zepeto platform.

Zara has also developed a new dedicated lens for Snapchat users, allowing them to experience the collection digitally.

Zara’s venture into the metaverse comes as no surprise, considering the brand’s consistent growth in recent years.

In the last fiscal year, the Inditex group, which includes Zara, reported record-breaking sales of 32.569 billion euros, witnessing a surge of 17.5%.

The group also recorded a net profit growth of 7% to reach 4.130 billion euros.

With its ‘Zepeto’ collection, Zara aims to cater to the growing demand for digital fashion experiences, offering customers the opportunity to express their unique style in both the physical and digital worlds..

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