Bershka Embraces AI-Powered Virtual Try-On to Minimize Returns


In the rapidly evolving fashion industry, Inditex’s Bershka is taking a bold step towards reducing product returns by embracing an innovative solution: AI-powered virtual try-on technology. This strategic move aims to improve the customer shopping experience, minimize return rates, and enhance overall profitability for the brand..

**The Challenge of Returns in Fashion Retail:**.

Product returns have become a significant challenge for fashion retailers, often leading to lost revenue and increased costs. Factors contributing to this issue include inaccurate sizing, misaligned customer expectations, and the inability to visualize how garments fit before making a purchase. These challenges are particularly evident in online shopping, where customers lack the opportunity for in-store try-ons..

**Bershka’s AI-Powered Solution:**.

Bershka’s innovative approach involves partnering with 3DLook, a leading provider of virtual try-on technology. This collaboration enables customers to virtually try on garments using their smartphones or computers. The technology utilizes advanced algorithms and 3D body models to create accurate virtual representations of the customer’s body, allowing them to see how different garments would fit and look on them..

**Benefits of AI-Powered Virtual Try-On:**.

The implementation of AI-powered virtual try-on offers numerous advantages for Bershka:.

1. **Reduced Returns:** By enabling customers to visualize how garments fit before making a purchase, virtual try-on technology significantly reduces the likelihood of returns due to size or fit issues. This results in cost savings for the brand and a more positive customer experience..

2. **Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:** Virtual try-on enhances customer satisfaction by allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions. The ability to try on garments virtually eliminates the uncertainty associated with online shopping and reduces the likelihood of dissatisfaction or disappointment upon receiving the product..

3. **Improved Brand Reputation:** A seamless and enjoyable shopping experience contributes to a positive brand reputation. By offering virtual try-on, Bershka demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation, strengthening its brand image..

4. **Increased Sales Conversion:** Virtual try-on technology has been shown to increase sales conversions by reducing the hesitation associated with online shopping. When customers can visualize how garments fit and look on them, they are more likely to make a purchase..


Bershka’s adoption of AI-powered virtual try-on technology showcases the brand’s commitment to addressing the challenge of product returns and enhancing the customer shopping experience. By embracing this innovative solution, Bershka aims to minimize returns, improve customer satisfaction, and positively impact its bottom line. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Bershka’s strategic move serves as an example of how technology can be harnessed to drive positive change and improve business outcomes..

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