Champion’s Sales Decline Weighs on Hanesbrands’ Q3 Results

### Hanesbrands’ Q3 Results Dampened by Champion Sales Decline.

### Key Takeaways.

* Champion’s sales declined by 14% in Q3, dragging down Hanesbrands’ overall revenue..

* The company’s activewear category, which includes Champion, saw a 10% decrease in sales..

* Hanesbrands’ total revenue fell by 5% to $1.7 billion in Q3..

* The company’s net income also decreased, from $154.6 million in Q3 2022 to $139.5 million in Q3 2023..

### Champion’s Sales Decline.

Champion, a sportswear brand owned by Hanesbrands, experienced a 14% decrease in sales in Q3, reflecting a broader slowdown in the activewear market. The brand’s struggles were particularly evident in North America, where sales fell by 17%. Champion’s international sales also declined, albeit at a slower pace of 9%..

The decline in Champion’s sales was attributed to several factors, including macroeconomic headwinds, a shift in consumer preferences, and increased competition. The ongoing inflationary environment and rising interest rates have impacted consumer spending, leading to reduced demand for discretionary items such as sportswear. Additionally, the athleisure trend, which fueled Champion’s growth in recent years, has shown signs of fading, with consumers opting for more casual and comfortable clothing..

### Impact on Hanesbrands’ Overall Performance.

The decline in Champion’s sales had a significant impact on Hanesbrands’ overall financial performance in Q3. The company’s total revenue fell by 5% to $1.7 billion, missing analysts’ estimates of $1.75 billion. The activewear category, which includes Champion, saw a 10% decrease in sales, while the innerwear category, which includes brands such as Hanes and Bali, experienced a 1% sales decline..

Hanesbrands’ net income also decreased in Q3, falling from $154.6 million in the prior year period to $139.5 million. This represented a decrease of 9.7%. The company attributed the decline in net income to lower sales, as well as higher costs of goods sold and operating expenses..

### Outlook.

Hanesbrands’ management expressed cautious optimism about the company’s prospects for the remainder of the year. The company expects Champion’s sales to improve in Q4, driven by new product launches and marketing initiatives. However, the company acknowledged that the macroeconomic environment remains challenging and that it is closely monitoring consumer spending trends..

Overall, Hanesbrands’ Q3 results reflect the challenges faced by many retailers in the current economic environment. The decline in Champion’s sales highlights the shifting consumer preferences and increased competition in the activewear market. While the company is taking steps to address these challenges, it remains to be seen whether these efforts will be sufficient to offset the headwinds and drive growth in the coming quarters..

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