Ralph Lauren Investigated by Canadian Watchdog Over Alleged Forced Labor in China

**Corporate watchdog probes Ralph Lauren on alleged use of forced labor in China**

**New York -** The Shareholder Association for Research & Analysis (SARA), a Canadian corporate watchdog, has launched an investigation into Ralph Lauren Corp. following allegations that the company has been using forced labor in its supply chain in China.

Ralph Lauren is the latest company to come under scrutiny for its labor practices in China, where allegations of forced labor have been rampant in recent years. In 2021, the United States banned the import of cotton and tomato products from Xinjiang, a region in northwestern China where the government has been accused of carrying out human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims.

The investigation by SARA, which was launched in December 2023, will focus on Ralph Lauren’s sourcing practices in China and whether the company has taken adequate steps to ensure that its suppliers are not using forced labor.

SARA has sent a letter to Ralph Lauren requesting information about its supply chain and its policies on forced labor. The watchdog group has also asked Ralph Lauren to provide details of any audits or investigations it has conducted to verify that its suppliers are not using forced labor.

In a statement, Ralph Lauren said that it is committed to ethical and responsible sourcing and that it has a zero-tolerance policy for forced labor.


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