Chrome Hearts and Shein Launch Exclusive Collection, Infringing Trademark Laws

**Chrome Hearts and Shein Partnership: An Exclusive Collection with Legal Implications**.


The world of fashion has witnessed an unprecedented collaboration between streetwear giant Chrome Hearts and fast-fashion retailer Shein. The exclusive collection, launched in September 2023, has sparked controversy due to its alleged infringement of Chrome Hearts’ trademarks. This article delves into the details of this partnership and explores the legal implications surrounding it..

**Collaboration Details**.

The Chrome Hearts and Shein collaboration featured a limited-edition capsule collection that included clothing, accessories, and jewelry. The pieces bore designs heavily inspired by Chrome Hearts’ signature aesthetic, including its iconic cross and dagger motifs. The capsule collection was exclusively available on Shein’s website and was met with considerable hype from fashion enthusiasts..

**Trademark Infringement Allegations**.

Soon after the launch, Chrome Hearts raised concerns about trademark infringement. The company claimed that Shein had used its registered trademarks without authorization. Specifically, Chrome Hearts alleged that Shein’s designs contained its iconic cross and dagger symbols, which are protected under its trademark registrations..

Chrome Hearts filed a lawsuit against Shein in a Los Angeles federal court, seeking damages and an injunction to prevent Shein from continuing to sell the infringing products. The complaint argued that Shein’s actions had caused .

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