Google enlists AI to make your news feed feel bespoke

Google has taken advantage of its recent breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence to roll out a slew of new features for its News and Discover platforms.

The first of these AI-empowered features is something called u201cPersonalize Your Feed,u201d which provides a personalized news experience without requiring users to lift a finger.

To that end, Google has invested heavily in machine learning algorithms that scour troves of content to determine which articles are most likely to appeal to individual users. These algorithms take into account a variety of factors, including a useru2019s browsing history, current location, and activity within the News and Discover apps.

In addition to u201cPersonalize Your Feed,u201d Google has also introduced a number of other AI-powered features to its News and Discover platforms. These include:

– A u201cExploreu201d tab that serves up a wider variety of news than the traditional u201cTop Storiesu201d tab. The Explore tab uses algorithms to identify stories that are popular in a useru2019s social circles or that cover topics that a user has shown interest in in the past.
– u201cFull Coverageu201d carousels that provide a more comprehensive view of major news stories. These carousels include articles from a variety of sources, providing users with a more well-rounded understanding of the news.
– u201cVisual storytellingu201d that uses images, videos, and other multimedia to tell stories in a more engaging way. Google has partnered with a number of news organizations to create visual storytelling content, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian.

These new AI-powered features are a significant step forward for Googleu2019s News and Discover platforms. They make it easier for users to find the news that they are interested in, and they provide a more immersive and engaging news experience.

In the coming months, Google plans to roll out even more AI-powered features to its News and Discover platforms. These features will continue to improve the user experience and make it easier for people to stay informed about the news that matters to them most..

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