Archroma launches first dyes derived from recycled textiles

Archroma launches first dyes derived from recycled textiles

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Nicola Mira

Dyes specialist Archroma has utilised its new FiberColors technology to create dyes that are synthesised for at least 50% from selected textile waste.


Archroma’s new range using FiberColors is registered under the Diresul trademark and features five introductory shades: Fiber-Teak (shades of brown), Fiber-Ochre (shades of olive green), Fiber-Maroon (shades of burgundy), Fiber-Slate (shades of blue grey) and Fiber-Graphite (shades of dark grey). The dyes are suitable for use with yarn made from cotton, viscose, linen and kapok (derived from the eponymous South American fruit). Possible applications of these yarns include the making of t-shirts, chinos, sweatshirts, hoodies and polos, as well as household linen.

The technology behind Archroma’s new range is based on the ability to extract colours from used garments made of cotton and/or polyamide, when the colours’ purity is higher than 95%. A capacity that is expected to enable Archroma to replace “the bulk” of the petroleum-derived raw materials which are normally utilised to produce dyes for the textile industry.

“After creating colors from food and herbal waste with EarthColors®, we are taking a step further in circular manufacturing with FiberColors*, addressing the huge global issue of textile and fashion waste,” said Archroma’s CEO Heike van de Kerkhof. “This is how we make a reality of our purpose of leading our industry towards a more sustainable future for our customers and markets,” he added.

Presentation of FiberColors by Archroma

Archroma operates 25 production sites worldwide. It has a commercial presence in 31 countries, and is active in 100 markets. The company, owned by SK Capital and based in Pratteln, Switzerland, has indicated it currently has 2,800 employees.


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