Bravado bags merchandising rights for The Beatles

Bravado bags merchandising rights for The Beatles

Expect to see The Beatles make a major comeback — in terms of North American merchandising opportunities that is.


Bravado, the major merchandise and brand management company, is about to develop new avenues for the pioneer Britpop band and global superstars across retail, licensing and e-commerce in North America. 

A new partnership agreement reunites the band’s AppleUniversal Music

Bravado will work with Apple Corps to continue to expand The Beatles’ presence in the region “by leveraging the company’s retail and licensing partnerships and its robust e-commerce network to supercharge direct-to-consumer efforts”. 

Matt Young, President of Bravado, said: “Bringing The Beatles back to Bravado was a top priority of mine – not only as a fan of their music but as someone who is inspired by the creative and cultural impact they continue to have around the world. 

“The responsibility of representing such an iconic and beloved brand isn’t lost on me and we look forward to working with Jeff Jones and the Apple Corps team to continue to bring The Beatles’ vision to life.” 

Bravado’s new Beatles online retail store on usastore.thebeatles launched this week.

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