Is fashion already nostalgic for the ’90s?

Is fashion already nostalgic for the ’90s?



After veering into the 2000s for several months, fashion is (already) reviving the previous decade, by far its favorite and most influential. From grunge to sportswear to baby doll, the aesthetics that arose, or were at their peak, during the 1990s are many and varied. But it is another trend straight from this decade that is currently enjoying a moment in the fashion spotlight: the total jeans look, as updated by Kanye West


It’s been a while… sort of. In a seemingly eternal cycle, fashion can’t help but return to its two favorite decades, the ’70s and the ’90s, as inexhaustible sources of fashion trends. While Generation Z has recently taken a shine to the 2000’s — or Y2K — the 1990’s are back on top with a major, nay timeless trend of the decade: the total jeans look. This unique style was sported by Kanye West and Julia Fox during the last Paris Fashion Week

The month of February could well be a month for denim, and that’s head-to-toe denim if you please! No matter if the temperatures don’t make you want to swap your puffer for a denim jacket, the craze for the famous fabric seems unwavering. According to global fashion search engine Stylight*, Google

The international platform notes an increase in searches for denim jumpsuits (+81%), also confirming that workwear style is well established as a trend for early 2022. But denim shirts are also popular (+33%), as well as classic jeans (+29%), and of course the inevitable denim jacket (+18%).

The trend is gaining ground on TikTok too, with a host of videos — and views — based on the total denim look, often even including caps and shoes — yes, yes, you read that right. And influencers are in on the act too, like Chiara Ferragni, who seems to have taken to this style hailing straight from fashion’s trendiest decade.

*This Stylight data is based on analysis of the shopping behavior of the platform’s 160 million annual shoppers and clicks on the categories mentioned for the period of January 25-31, 2022 versus February 1-7, 2022. Google search interest was analyzed on Google Trends for the period January 1, 2022 to February 7, 2022.

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