Introducing the first compostable, plastic-free handbag

Introducing the first compostable, plastic-free handbag



Known for its bags made from scraps and other recycled materials, the Been London brand has now gone one step further with a first prototype of a compostable, plastic-free bag. A feat made possible thanks to a partnership with the start-up Biophilica, which has developed a ‘leaf leather’ made from urban plant waste collected in London parks.

While new alternatives to leather seem to be cropping up in the fashion industry on a regular basis, in order to reduce the impact of our sneakers and handbags on the planet, there is still a long way to go to significantly minimize the impact of an entire sector on the environment. But things can change quickly, as shown by the latest innovation from Been London. The brand has presented a prototype of a plastic-free, compostable, recyclable, vegan, locally made, and carbon-negative handbag. 

In order to create this prototype and meet these criteria, the brand turned to Treekind ‘leaf leather’ from the start-up Biophilica. This new alternative to leather is made from urban plant waste collected in London parks. Can you get more circular than that? This new type of material would not only be recyclable but also carbon neutral, and compostable, which is also useful. So at the end of its life, your handbag can decompose quickly — and with no adverse effect on the environment.

While still in the prototype stage, this handbag could become Been London’s most sustainable model if it sees the light of day. It was designed on the basis of the brand’s best-seller, the Cecilia model. All that remains now is to follow the progress of this pilot project to know and support its final outcome.

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