Gigi Hadid fronts new campaign film for H&M

Gigi Hadid fronts new campaign film for H&M

H&MGigi Hadid


The company said it’s “a place where aesthetics are exaggerated and experimental, where stories can twist and turn, where dreams are made, and where fashion has no rules”.

Director Bardia Zeinali described its as a visual “wonderland. The stars are not in their usual roles and every frame is intended as a new adventure”.

Hadid plays the hotel owner who welcomes a new guest, played by model Jill Kortleve, to the Hôtel Hennes with the help of an “entertaining cast of visitors and staff, from models-turned-bellhops Jazzelle Zanaughtti and Kiddy Akita Lou

Also included are model Olivia Vinten, as the Head of Housekeeping; dancer and content creator Donté Colley as the Head of Glow-ups; model Devyn GarciaHobbsLee

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