Megan Fox Said What We’ve All Been Thinking About This Controversial Fashion Trend

Megan Fox, Transformers star and millennial icon, finally said what we’ve all been thinking: Low-rise jeans can go straight to hell, kick rocks, eat dirt, rot in a hole, and die.

By far the worst trend of the 2000s era (and yes, I’m including trucker hats in that statement), ultra-low-rise jeans were almost universally unflattering and always put the wearer at risk of an accidental butt-crack reveal. There’s a reason we as a society stopped flashing the whale tail and started layering our tank tops.

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But since Y2K fashion is “back,” the return of low-rise once again looms, and Fox ain’t having it. “If I had it my way, [those trends] wouldn’t come back,” she told Refinery29 in a recent conversation.

See Keira Knightley bravely risking a flash for the sake of the trend:

Actor Keira Knightley arrives at the world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on June 28, 2003, at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

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