Jennifer Lawrence Just Broke a Cardinal Fashion Rule—And Looked Great Doing It

Jennifer Lawrence certainly has a thing for controversial footwear.

Remember when she walked around New York City in a pair of $820 slipper flats that did absolutely nothing to protect her toes from the harsh pavement below? Well, it looks like she’s opted for a much cheaper, more practical on-the-go shoe for her normcore walkabouts.

On June 2, the 32-year-old was seen crossing the road in NYC’s West Village wearing what appears to be Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides, which currently retail for $35. However, she made sure there was still something for us to talk about by wearing the sandals with their sworn enemy, a pair of black socks. Of course, what’s typically regarded as a stereotypical tourist faux pas still looks cool on J.Law. 

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