Gigi Hadid Just Debuted a Massive Dragon Tattoo in Multiple Covetable Bikinis

Gigi Hadid is in her Girl With the Dragon Tattoo era. But if Taylor Swift has taught us anything, it’s that eras are inherently temporary. 

On July 14, the 28-year-old supermodel debuted a giant hip tattoo on Instagram in the most casual way possible. In fact, the large piece isn’t even visible in the first photo, which features Hadid at her beachiest in a brown and pink patterned bikini, layered necklaces, and with her hair set free in salt-textured waves. But(t) when you swipe to slide two, Hadid reveals a large black dragon on the side of her derriere that almost perfectly matches the dragon emoji in her caption. 

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“Am I in my girl w a dragon tattoo era?!” Hadid also wrote on her Instagram story alongside another photo of the ink, which she received on a current “girls trip” with friends Alana O’Herlihy and Leah McCarthy. Though, based on the shine of the tattoo in the Insta Story pic—which features Hadid in a yellow string bikini—the piece is most likely a cheeky piece of temporary art. 


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