Emma Watson Wore a Gravity-Defying Dress, and the Jokes Are Hysterical

Emma Watson has proved once again that she is every bit as clever as Hermione Granger. Instead of relying on nudity or some shocking gimmick to get attention for her latest venture—a gin company she founded with her brother—she wore a designer dress that’s just plain confusing. Yep, I’ve been staring at this ad for 10 minutes, and I’m no closer to figuring it out!

In the picture, Watson and Watson smile, looking at something just out of frame. Alex Watson has his light blue shirt buttoned…incorrectly? Or maybe the bottom is supposed to be uneven. But all of that confusion is quickly dwarfed by Emma’s Loewe dress, which looks like it’s maybe a light blue cotton…draped over…wire? It sticks up in spikes around her collarbone, creating a sort of “half-constructed tent” look. It really has to be seen to be understood, and even then it won’t make sense, but see for yourself here.

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