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If you’re looking for a family-friendly crowd-pleaser to take the kids to this summer, look no further than…Oppenheimer? Matt Damon brought three of his four daughters to the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s latest flick, which is three hours long, partially black-and-white, and—oh yeah—about the development of nuclear bombs. Not that they can’t be interested in those things, but he didn’t even take his girls to the premiere of We Bought a Zoo back when they were young!

For the Oppenheimer launch (bad pun, but I’m not sorry) in Paris, Damon was joined by his daughters Stella, 12, Gia, 14, and Alexia, 24. (Isabella, 16, apparently had other plans, per . If she was at a Barbie premiere, I am going to scream in delight.) They’re in the minidress, white dress and shoulder-tie dress, respectively; I’m assuming the three other people are their friends who were like, “Trip to Paris for your dad’s work thing? Sure!” No details on who styles everybody, but if Alexia’s dress isn’t Reformation, I’ll eat my  jeans.

From left: Guest, guest, Stella Damon, Matt Damon, Gia Damon, Alexia Barroso, and guest.

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

Family outings are becoming a bit of a thing with the Damon-Barroso clan. While the Good Will Hunting star has usually kept his family off the red carpet, he brought the three youngest girls and his wife, Luciana Barroso, to the premiere of Air (a gentle LBD slay). Then he and Luciana stepped out for a date night in New York, for which she wore the perfect two-piece set.

In this, his latest film, Matt Damon plays a lieutenant general named Leslie Groves. Also at the premiere were costars Emily Blunt, who will soon be taking an acting sabbatical, Cillian Murphy, and Robert Downey Jr., in various degrees of dressed-up-ness.

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