For Emma Watson, Tennis Is an Excuse to Wear a Wrong Shoe

If there is a tennis tournament with some kind of famous-person viewing platform, Emma Watson will be making an appearance. Like the VIP section at a Beyoncé concert (where another famous woman was observed kissing her long-rumored boyfriend with merry abandon), Grand Slams are a place for celebrity sports fans to see and be seen. That’s what happened when Watson was photographed attending the US Open.


Granted, the sartorial obligations of attending one of Beyoncé’s Club Renaissance gigs and a tennis match might differ—the always pared-back Watson might evaporate at the sight of Kim Kardashian’s jeweled bralette—but there is still an expectation that aesthetic standards will be upheld. Watson arrived at the Open’s step-and-repeat in wide-cut trousers with a double-breasted blazer draped over her shoulders. In place of predictable heels? A pair of beach sliders—albeit a $600 pair by The Row.

Emma Watson in the stands at the US Open


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