Meghan Markle Wore a Very Special Pendant for Lunch With the Girls

Zooming in…computer, enhance! Dang, we just can’t tell what this says. Meghan Markle stepped out to lunch with friends to celebrate a birthday (unclear whose; more on that in a sec) wearing some very special personalized jewelry. But without a telescope, we can’t tell just how she personalized it. Feel free to speculate to your heart’s desire, but we’re betting she got her kids’ initials or something.

Markle was pictured enjoying an al fresco meal with her friends Kadi Lee, Myka Harris, and Cleo Wade in a picture Harris posted to Instagram Stories with the caption, “belated bday w/ these lovely muses.” As Markle’s birthday was just over a week ago, the “belated bday” probably refers to the duchess’s special day, though it’s my duty as a journalist to inform you that I couldn’t figure out Harris’s birthday, so it could also be hers (poet Wade was born in September). Lee, in the green top, is a celebrity hairstylist, and her birthday is in late July, so she’s another candidate.


The pendant around Meghan Markle’s neck was identified by Page Six as the Imperial Disc pendant necklace from jeweler Ariel Gordon, which ranges in price from just under $2,000 to a bit over $3,000, depending on the engraving and number of diamonds you want on it. Meg is actually wearing the fewest necklaces of the group, so is the era of no necklaces over? Hmmm.

Maybe this is something Harry picked up for her, since last we checked in with the prince, he and his bestie were in Tokyo shopping for their wives…at a store we’re pretty sure their wives wouldn’t be all that into! This necklace, though, is much more MM’s style.

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