Are New Telfy Duffles Coming Soon?

Hold on to your purses, Telfarians. It looks like the New York label is prepping to expand its duffle bag collection.

During my routine scroll through Twitter, I first spotted the Telfar duffle in the brand’s dark olive, followed by an oxblood iteration the very next day — schemes that have been used on the brand’s beloved shopping bags.

Following a quick search through the Telfar’s website, I concluded that we had some unreleased Telfies on our hands (*throws hands in the air in rejoice*).

From the looks of it, the home to the “Bushwick Birkin” has been quietly seeding new duffle bags to a select few since April. And thanks to those lucky individuals, we’ve been provided with the best looks yet at the (hopefully) forthcoming new Telfar duffles.

So far, it looks like the Telfar duffle bag is set to arrive in oxblood and dark olive in the full-size run (small, medium, and large).

Now, Telfar itself hasn’t confirmed the release of the new duffle bags (yet). But with these early bags floating around the internet, I suspect we won’t be waiting much longer.

Telfar has been quite busy as late, between introducing new pieces like the wallet and Pill, a major living pricing strategy, and simply being the people’s favorite (even Naomi Osaka and Sasha Obama can’t resist Telfy effect).

Telfar first introduced its duffle bag during 2021’s NYFW, debuting a sleek, cylindrical-shaped handbag embossed with the brand’s unmistakable logo on each end. Now, the seasonal New York presentations aren’t necessarily a competition, but Telfar Clemen’s brand undoubtedly won that week.

Since its official launch in classic black, Telfar’s duffle bag has also released (and sold out) in azalea and chocolate. Now, the silhouette is about to drop in fresh flavors.

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