Pete Davidson Turned up to the Picket Line as Only He Can

Pete Davidson’s style fascinates me. This is a guy who dated one of the world’s most image-conscious women without ever changing his taste in clothing even one iota — dude is nothing if not consistent.

Here’s Pete on May 5, joining the striking WGA writers as part of the supporting SAG-AFTRA faction — quick note: we also wholeheartedly support the striking writers — again looking like he just rolled out of bed.

Aside from a denim coat, Pete is dressed almost identically to how he looked just the other week at the red carpet premiere of his new TV show, Bupkis.

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In fact, Pete’s subtly debuting some new Bupkis merch here: witness what appears to be a Bupkis sweatsuit created in collaboration with athleisure designer Eric Emanuel, complete with UGG boots, Pete’s new favorite shoes.

Pete has been seen repping Emanuel’s signature basketball shorts in the past but it’s news to me that he tapped Emanuel to create Bupkis merch. Makes me wonder who else Pete would bring in to celebrate his auto-biographical TV show: perhaps Stone Island, which he wore while filming Bupkis, or HIDDEN NY, with whom Pete seems to share a special affinity.

Anyways, I appreciate Pete’s show of support for his peers in the WGA — he even brought pizza to the striking writers! — and I appreciate how consistently schlubby he dresses. It’s a little sloppy, plenty personal, and appreciably sincere.

Plus, interesting to see several former scumbros embracing their love for UGG.

It’s like a little bit of their former selves lingers even as they’ve grown out of tie-dye and into the yuppie-core movement, except that Pete is still kinda stuck in 2018. Still, at least it’s earnest.

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