Shorts? Justin Bieber Says: Run in Jeans!

Ah, running. You said you’d start last week, three months ago. You’ve got the sneakers, the latest Zoom tech from Nike, a couple of adidas runners, and a little something from New Balance, but you’ve yet to stride further than the corner shop; maybe, just maybe, what your running arsenal is missing is a pair of denim jeans – just ask Justin Bieber!

To the runners of the world, I salute you. Every mile you clock in, every flick of Strava, and every marathon medal collected is one less run I feel inclined to clock in.

While new running gear is the perfect motivator – all the gear and no idea – there’s something about JB hitting a comfortable stride in a pair of sagging jeans that has me feeling more motivated than ever.

Sure, the image in question may not suggest that Biebs has intention stepped out to clock in the day’s steps wearing a ‘fit that screams Backstreet Boys or early 2000s hip-hop, but duty calls.

So, the ultimate running setup? A white tank top, navy hoodie (you could go for a Russel Athletic or Champion to keep it sporty), a pair of light wash blue denim jeans (the saggier, the better), and for that cherry-on-top finish, a pair of grey New Balance of your choice.

If you still don’t fancy yourself an athlete, you could always save the look for your next hip-hop fancy dress party. It’s a win-win.

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