What “It Bag” You Should Buy, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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If you are a fashion enthusiast, you probably love an “It bag” or two. The problem is that there are so many amazing choices out there, and our wallets can’t afford all of them. Picking a bag that defines our style requires some investigation, not only budget-wise but also personality-wise.  This is where our astrological DNA comes in handy. 

It Bags are all over our FYPs, so it can be hard not to want them all but the best (and most conscious) solution is to always pick just one. The stars can help you find the perfect bag that fits your disposition. From the Marc Jacobs tote to JW PEI’s Gabbi bag to the Fendi baguette, here are the best It bags based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Being the first fire sign of the zodiac means that Aries are very restless and always on the move. Therefore, they require a bag that can keep everything they need for the day — from gym shoes to a water bottle to an iPhone charger. The Marc Jacobs tote is not only super chic, but it’s the perfect size for Aries to place all their items and then some.

Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag


Taurus: Self-Portrait Mini Bag

Ricky Vigil M

The zodiac sign Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is why they love pretty little things with a cute twist. This bag has a gold bow, making it extra special because it radiates beauty. Also, it will compliment their sassy wardrobe by adding sophistication and class to every sensual style that they put on.

Self-Portrait Bow-Detail Mini Bag


Gemini: JW PEI Gabbi


Geminis are known to be the trendsetters of the zodiac because their Mercurial nature advances their fashionista abilities. So, it’s a given that Gemini has a few JW PEI Gabbi bags in different vibrant colors to match every outfit they wear—as well as the outfits their twin stars are rocking too. After all, no one knows more than Gemini that variety is the spice of life.

JW PEI Gabbi Handbag


Cancer: Coperni 


This lunar-shaped cross-body bag is ideal for Cancer, who is a complete lunatic (translates to mean “lover of the moon”) because it’s their planetary ruler. The bag will serve as an emotional safeguard on top of having the physical purpose of being their favorite carry-all. Cancer’s infatuation with this bag will span seasons—so they may stock up on a few of them.

Coperni Ring Swipe Leather Top Handle Bag


Leo: Telfar Shopping Bag


Telfar is the ultimate brand to denote status, as they’re hard to get and not made at a mass rate, so buying one online before they sell out is based on luck. The Telfar bag will make Leo feel special and as though they’re a celeb and baller at all times — which they are, but it’s important for them to get the cred they deserve.

Telfar Vegan Leather Mini Tote



Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Virgos don’t like to have over-the-top accessories due to their simplistic earthy nature. However, that doesn’t mean they are not fans of modern-chic designs. Virgos like practical fashion-forward items that boost their aesthetic. As long as their bags can match most of their wardrobe and elevate any color of clothes they have—then Virgo will totally wear their stylish “it” bag of choice with pride.



Libra: Jacquemus Le Chiquito

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

This is the bag of choice that most Libras are wearing. Libras such as Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian are fans of the bag’s structure, practicality, and an assortment of candy colors. The versatile bag looks fresh with jeans, a polished suit, or a sweater dress. It’s the perfect bag to balance out any outfit. In true Libra fashion, it’ll harmonize with every outfit in their wardrobe.

JACQUEMUS Blue Le Papier ‘Le Chiquito Moyen’ Top Handle Bag


Scorpio: Fendi Flat Baguette

Raymond Hall

Due to the transformational nature of Scorpio, they prefer to purchase and wear bags that can evolve with them through the years. The Fendi baguette can stand the test of time and look amazing with every outfit they wear. It will be their ultimate luxury item for Scorpio and the one bag they can never do without — especially in their color of choice, which is black.

Flat Baguette Micro


Sagittarius: Loewe Straw Tote

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The adventurous spirit and larger-than-life vibe of Sagittarius mean that they require an oversized bag to carry souvenirs and memorabilia from their travels. Plus, it is a multipurpose item that can be worn for a casual day at the beach, a fancy dinner with friends, a day of shopping, and to carry books to class, which will make the mutable sign adore its diverse function.

Loewe Small Logo Straw Tote


Capricorn: Coach Teri Shoulder Bag

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Since Capricorns are the CEOs of the zodiac, they require a bag that can be worn at work or for serious matters and for fun or hang-out sessions with their besties. Finding a bag that can be taken seriously and a good time is hard. Fortunately, this Coach shoulder bag can compensate for both needs while looking great and elevating occasions with its classic style.

Teri Shoulder Bag


Aquarius: Diesel Crossbody Bag

Valentina Frugiuele/Getty Images

Aquariuses like to walk to the beat of their own drum. The same defiant rules apply to their personal style. Therefore, they’ll opt to wear a bag that isn’t necessarily traditional and has its own unique shape. Also, since Aquarius is a forward thinker, they will totally flip for extra silver hardware on their bags to have that modern industrial feel and texture to them.

Diesel 1DR-Pouch Crossbody Bag


Pisces: Luar Top Handle Bag


According to Luar designer Raul Lopez, these handbags were crafted with the intention of being made for everyone to wear and to carry everything possible. Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and they embody some characteristics from the other signs, they’ll appreciate the inclusivity of this bag’s design. Pisces are one-of-a-kind and deserve to wear a bag that defines their personality.

Luar Ana Mini Leather Top Handle Bag


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