The Perfect Spring Trend for Each Zodiac Sign

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As we enter the new season and welcome spring trends, it’s fun to give our wardrobes an update as well. Although it’s exciting to check out all the latest styles, doing so can be extremely overwhelming because there are so many wonderful and unique styles to choose from. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle, we picked out the best looks that optimize and elevate your personal energy through your astrological sign. Here’s how your clothing can empower your vibe and strengthen your confidence by pairing and defining the season’s biggest trends with your sun sign. Scroll on to find out what spring trend best suits you according to your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Denim Styles 

Jean Catuffe/GC Images

Denim-on-denim in varying hues and styles is one of the season’s biggest fashion trends. This comeback trend fairs well with Aries. Being that denim represents rebelliousness, it’s no wonder that fiery and independent Aries will be drawn towards wearing this chic look. Also, denim is the best fashion choice for Aries, who is always on-the-go, because it’s an effortless style as well as an easy transition from daywear to evening wear.

Power Stretch Pull-On Flare Jeans


Cooper Denim Tube Top


Taurus: 3D Flowers

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Everything’s coming up roses for Taurus. 3D flowers are key for the Venusian sign, who’s favorite flower and essence is the rose. Taurus season occurs when the flowers start to bud—which is why it is the perfect look for them. Even though Carrie Bradshaw started this trend in 2000, it’s in full bloom this spring. Lizzo even took it to the extreme by getting a 3D flower manicure.

UO Rose Garden Asymmetrical Cami


Gemini: Patent Looks 

MEGA/GC Images

Patent skirts, pants, dresses, boots, bags and trench coats (basically any type of clothing in the world comes in patent) in bright hues or simple shades speak to Gemini’s cheeky vibe. Being that the mutable air sign likes to play around with fashion, they’ll have a great time mixing up their look with the shiny material that can be flirty, goth or classy depending on the accessories paired with it. 

Topshop Patent Zip Font Pocket Mini Skirt


ASOS DESIGN Mulled Chunky Loafer in Chocolate Patent


Cancer: Hooded Dresses or Jumpsuits 

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

Cancers love their privacy and often wrap themselves up in a cocoon to hide away. These moon children prefer to have extra refuge and sanctuary in order to feel their emotions and protect their energy. A hooded dress or jumpsuit is the best way for them to escape their worries in public. Then, they can only expose what they want others to see and be comfortable in their everyday gear. 

Open Bach Hooded Dress


Leo: Eccentric, Eclectic and Electric Prints 

Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Leos always like to make a fashion statement and get the attention they deserve, due to their confident and fun loving nature, which is why they will opt to wear wild prints this spring in vibrant colors. Mixing and matching different styles together will prove to be a cool combination of colors and speak to their sunny disposition. Wearing various prints will enhance Leo’s self-esteem and grandeur all season long.

Argyle Sweater Miniskirt


Heartbreak Oversized Shirt in Retro Floral


Virgo: Sleek Lacy Slips


Virgos prefer a sophisticated, elegant and comfortable style that requires little fuss in putting it all together. Therefore, it’s hard to find clothes that speak to their specific inclinations and taste. Sleek lacy slip dresses, camisoles and skirts in a variety of pastels (even soft tie-dye slip wear are on trend) made from lace, silk or satin are the perfect vibe for Virgos looking for a modern twist this spring.  

Love Triangle Satin Cami Dress with Lace Trim


Libra: Heart Motifs

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

No other sign loves the idea of love more than Libra. Plus, they also wear their heart on their sleeves. So, it’s a no-brainer that Libra will want to dress up head to toe in their favorite sentiment of all time — LOVE — in many different styles and prints. The heart motif is a wonderful way for Libra to express their desires, hopes, and passions to everyone they encounter.

Urban Revivo Zip Through Cardigan


Heart Wristlet In Signature Canvas With Heart Print


Scorpio: Studs and Chains

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Scorpio tends to deep dive into any and every matter. Being that they’re all about the details, the scorpion will relish in acruments such as studs and chains added to their clothing. This vibe will elevate Scorpio to a baddie during the springtime (as in Scorpio dictates their own wild style and wear what they want at any time). Now, Scorpio is a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Signature And Stone Chain Necklace


Sagittarius: Vacation Prints

NINO/GC Images

Sagittariuses are the explorers of the zodiac, which is why clothing with vacation prints will speak to their inner spirit. Now, the archer can gloriously and glamorously show off their wanderlust sentimentality and worldly adventures through their clothing choices and aesthetic. 

Topshop Retro Floral Pattern 90s Flare Jeans


Capricorn: Modern Suiting 

Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Known as the CEOs of the astrology world, Capricorns like structured outfits that are designed for the boardroom and any after party. Modern suits with a twist will speak to the heart and soul of the sea-goat. Even a cute cropped blazer with ripped jeans and a bustier will do. Caps will be down with this divine alternative hip look. 

ASOS Design Extreme Oversize Blazer


Aquarius: 1960s Style

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

For this look, Aquarians may turn to style icons such as Twiggy for inspiration. The reason the water-bearer is drawn to these vintage looks is because they like to make older designs feel modern. Sequins, crochet, mod dresses, mini skirts, wide leg pants and baby doll dresses in bohemian prints and bright colors are some items Aquarius will wear to fully embrace their inner flower child. 

Monki Mix and Match Mini Skirt


Pisces: Watercolor Ombré  

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.

Pisces are super creative, so they’ll find any attire that is stylized in watercolor ombré to be extremely beautiful. It’ll become a wearable piece of art that Pisces will consider these items to be the masterpiece of their wardrobe. Some of the trendiest ombré looks that hit the runway for spring resemble a sunrise or sunset. Therefore, Pisces may have to rock a few of these lovely fits this season. 

ASOS DESIGN Bandeau Mesh Midi


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