Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Extremely Comfortable on the New York City Streets

You can tell Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are real New Yorkers by the fact that their off-duty ’fits make them look like they’re actually off-duty. They’re not trying to slay. They’re trying to get to the bodega.

The couple were photographed together on September 20 looking extremely comfortable and, dare I say it, almost normal. Lively wore a pair of loose-fitting black pants topped with an equally roomy purple sweater, sneakers, and loose hair. The most fashion-y thing about her outfit is the purple-and-black crossbody bag. Her husband, meanwhile, stuck to basics with a striped tee, jeans, and a baseball cap. They’re serving Errands. It’s giving Personal Day.


When they’re not taking casual strolls around the neighborhood, Lively and Reynolds have been seen hanging out with Taylor Swift quite a bit. The couple joined Swift and several others for dinner downtown in early September, where they coordinated playful printed outfits. And Lively met up with Swift solo for a night at the club Zero Bond a few days later.

Perhaps Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are simply saving all of their slay outfits for their hangouts with Taylor Swift. If so, well, that’s just one more relatable detail.

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