Addison Rae Is Dressing Like She Raided Dad’s Closet

Addison Rae is ready for a hot mom summer. She’s out here dressed in her finest pair of jorts and flip-flops, rocking classically uncool clothes more commonly worn by your average mall-walker than 22-year-old influencers.

If that sounds like a diss, it shouldn’t: Rae is killing it.

I’ve already waxed poetic about the appeal inherent of dressing like an old person and, though this isn’t exactly what I was talking about, Rae is putting her own spin on conventionally elderly clothes and making it look darn cool.

Like, only a couple years ago, you wouldn’t wanna be caught dead in bedazzled cut-off jorts and platform sandals but today’s zeitgeist allows for basically everything and anything to work given the proper styling. Whichever stylist Addison Rae is currently working with clearly gets it.

To be fair, Rae has always been a canny dresser, capable of making the leap from TikToker streetwear to red carpet fare pretty organically.

She just has a good eye for proportions, silhouette, and color, which is really all you need to dress well. I like to call it “having personal style” and Rae’s got good taste. You can so easily tell that she knows what works with her own body, which is key to pulling off basically any look.

Big ups for the H.Lorenzo tote (one of Los Angeles’ great retailers) but the statement stuff that Rae’s wearing — her studded denim shorts and sandals — could so easily veer into clumsy uncool territory should they be imbalanced.

But the fit on the jorts is right-on, the Anna Sui T-shirt has an insouciant tuck, the backwards dad hat is an effortless accent that adds just a taste of that Y2K post-grunge thing that Rae consistently epitomizes: she be dressin’.

And no, this isn’t the craziest outfit I’ve ever seen (it ain’t even the coolest look that Addison Rae’s ever worn) but this is such a good example of how to do basics without being boring. We can all aspire to make even a casual day look this good.

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