5 Timeless Accessories That’ll Always Be In Style

If I’m gonna do anything, it’s convince myself that every unnecessary purchase I make is a necessary investment. Sue me! The $8 iced latte I bought this morning? I’m financing my energy and productivity for the day, obviously. Spending an ungodly amount of money on drinks and appetizers at happy hour with the girls? Well, that’s simply just allocating funds to my happiness. But in all seriousness, sometimes actual investments are called for—a prime example of such being high-quality, classic accessories. We all know how quickly clothing trends come and go, but there’s a handful of key accessories that have proven to stand the test of time and are always a wardrobe staple. When they’ll be go-to’s in your outfit rotations for years to come, it’s definitely worth going for the splurge (but remember: buying fun drinks is still important nonetheless).

After much consideration, we’ve narrowed it down to the five classic accessories we believe are purchases worth forking out some dough for regardless of your style. You know, the type of items you can give to your kids one day and be known as the cool mom who passes down her cute vintage pieces. Here are our picks and where to shop them all:

1. A Tennis Bracelet

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A tennis bracelet is a classic piece of jewelry that has stood the test of time for good reason. This simple, elegant design will never go out of style, making the heftier price tag totally worth it (we’re talking about lasting for decades here, ladies). Plus, it can effortlessly complement both casual and formal looks, ensuring that you definitely get the amount of wear you’re hoping for. Blue Nile is the perfect place to look for the bracelet of your dreams, with dozens of beautiful picks to choose from.

Blue Nile specializes in all things diamonds, so truly, who would do a tennis bracelet better? They utilize lab-grown and ethically sourced diamonds in particular (and popular natural diamond alternatives, too), which allows for a seemingly endless amount of cuts, colors, and styles for every one of their shoppers. You’ll love their bracelet options so much that you’ll probably want to stick around and search through all of their other pieces from necklaces to rings to earrings and more. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet—here are some of their stunning tennis bracelets that are definitely worth the investment:

Blue Nile

White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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Blue Nile

Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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2. A Black Bag

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A black shoulder bag is a versatile accessory that has earned its place as a timeless staple in the world of fashion. Black will always go with just about everything (as you’ll see throughout the rest of this list, it really is our ride-or-die color), making it a perfect choice for everyday use. Not only is a bag a must-have for practical purposes, but it can also elevate any outfit to give the vibe of looking put-together (even if all you have in there is a stick of gum, chapstick, and loose credit card—no judgment here). Plus, you want to invest in a high-quality option with how much our purses get tossed around, as it needs to withstand the test of time fashion-wise while staying in good shape. Here are some lovely picks for the job:


Sammy Top Handle Bag

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Umi Shoulder Bag

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3. Classic Sunglasses

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It’s undeniable that one of the most trusty classic accessories of all time is a reliable pair of sunnies. Not only do they add to any look, but they’re also a necessity when it comes to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays (and being able to stare at cute people walking by without them noticing). For a timeless accessory, we recommend staying in the realm of a more neutral color (like black, of course), and classic designs like aviators, wayfarers, and cat-eye frames to remain on-trend year after year. Having both fashion and function in a piece is a huge plus when it comes to investing in an accessory, and sunglasses embody that to a T. Here are a couple of pairs we love:

Ray Bans

Jack Sunglasses

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Roma Square Sunglasses

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4. A Neutral Belt

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When you think of a belt, its functional purpose is probably the first thing that comes to mind—not necessarily that it’s a crucial fashion staple. But, much like all of these essential accessories, even the most simple belts add that little extra flair to an outfit, whether casual or formal, that makes it feel more thought out and put-together overall. A neutral belt is definitely a fashion must-have, as it holds everything from pants to skirts in place, can cinch your waist to compliment your figure, and adds that pop of detail to bring any look to life. If you invest in a high-quality option, you’ll be sure to get use out of it for years to come.

Nili Lotan

Louise Belt

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Rag & Bone

Tender Belt

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5. Knee-High Boots

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A tall black boot will forever be held near and dear to our hearts. They’re a piece that transcends trends and seasons, and something that you will never regret investing in. No matter how you style them, they’ll make you feel as though you put a lot more time and effort into your outfit than you actually did (we love that). Whether you opt for knee-high, over-the-knee, or something even a little lower, you really can’t go wrong with this classic accessory.


River Knee Boot

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The Monterey Tall Boot

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