Taylor Swift Is Wearing Her Heart on Her Wrist Now

Because of Taylor Swift (a symbol of forever girlhood at 33 years of age), the friendship bracelet has become an acceptable thing for adults to wear in 2023. An explicit endorsement of the Swiftian sisterhood, the so-called Lovers are known to stockpile these bracelets to such an extent that their forearms resemble rigged-out orthopedic casts. See: Gigi Hadid and Patrick Ta’s pendulous wrists.

But Swift now seems to be using these bracelets as tacit symbols of romantic allegiance too. Could Swift have given Sophie Turner the “Fearless” bracelet that she uploaded to Instagram after separating from husband Joe Jonas? It was an allusion to Swift’s second album but potentially also Turner’s spirit. And then, last night, Swift wore an “87” friendship bracelet while attending a Kansas City Chiefs game.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Fans of American football (and now pop music) will recognize 87 as the number worn by tight end Travis Kelce, who Taylor Swift is dating. She wore that bracelet with a vintage Chiefs sweatshirt from Ellie Mae Vintage, a pleated tennis skirt (of course), and a pair of Reformation’s Lolita platforms. And it begs the question: Can lovers be friends? Does this strip the friendship bracelet of its platonic powers? Or is Swift friend-zoning Travis Kelce? Are they just really, really, really good pals?

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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