Katie Holmes Ditches Her Cork Wedges for an Even More Divisive Look

Katie Holmes is a woman who wears clothes. That is, as opposed to “pieces” or “garments,” because her style is direct and approachable (all straight-leg jeans and short-sleeve shirts and Adidas Sambas), which seems to have positioned her as a figure of easy-to-access aspiration for her fans. A PR friend says that Holmes sells more clothes than most other celebrities for this exact reason.

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Katie Holmes Offers a Fresh Take on the Controversial Wedge Heel

The actor is a big fan of the divisive shoe.

But that doesn’t mean Holmes’s wardrobe is dull. If anything, it is just to the left of adventurous. She won’t wear an extreme shoe, for example, but she will spend the summer months in a cork wedge, which is precisely the kind of “controversial” item that people harbor a strange affection for. Holmes did something similar this week: strolling around NYC in the bottoms of a nylon shell suit. (See photos here.)

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